3 Tips to Grow Your Yoga Studio Online

Monday, July 11, 2016 | By Tim Stoddart

How to Effectively Grow Your Yoga Business Online

One of the fastest growing industries over the last 10 years has been yoga.

What a great business. You are spreading and promoting mental, spiritual and physical health while making money and doing what you love. Opening a yoga studio (or being a yoga teacher) is an amazing way to make a living.

However, it is not all lotus poses and downward dogs. Running a yoga studio can be hard work. There is a lot to manage.

  • growing your client base
  • managing your business and keeping your bills paid
  • teaming up with other organizations
  • continuously practicing and improving your craft
  • marketing your business

Yes, it is a lot of work. But you can do it and we can help.

Let’s look at some proven methods to growing your audience and your business. These methods will work regardless whether you have a brick and mortar studio or if you work with clients on a one on one basis. Let’s get started.

1 – Instructional Videos on YouTube

YouTube is your best friend.

Every day, there are countless numbers of people searching YouTube to learn yoga or even do a practice session in their living rooms. This is the best way to grow your audience and to provide valuable content that will turn into business.

Also, one of the reasons YouTube translates so well into yoga is that you don’t need to video tape any complex dialogue or instructions. You can simply video tape one of your practices while talking to the camera, just like you would if you were speaking to a class.

I know dozens of people who do yoga in their living rooms every day, and almost all of these people do so with the help of a YouTube video.

You don’t need to be too fancy. Of course, having a comfortable setting with a peaceful backdrop will help, but a lot of yoga practitioners are having tons of success by simply videotaping themselves in their own living rooms.

Don’t worry too much about making it perfect. The key is to simply get started. You will gradually improve as you go. If you look at the quality of our own video series, Welcome to Stodzyland, you will see that in the beginning, the videos were very amateur. However, over time I have improved the backdrop, the editing and the sound quality and the series is now running successfully and bringing in business to us.

It works! Don’t think too hard and just get started!

Partner with Juice Makers, Apparel Companies or Health Food Companies

Another great aspect of the yoga market is that it blends in with other successful markets.

Every yoga studio or personal trainer should have a partnership agreement with another related company. Some of these companies include.

  • juice companies
  • yoga apparel and clothing companies
  • healthy snack companies
  • vegan restaurants
  • personal trainers in other markets such as power lifting or running
  • meditation studios

This is valuable in many ways.

For one, it provides more value for your own customers. Let’s say you just finished a great session with a personal client. The client is feeling great and is very happy with your service. This is a perfect moment to tell him or her about some other healthy options you provide.

Tell your client about this great organic juice brand you are working with. Hopefully, you have set up some kind of commission so if the client buys a bottle of juice, you get a small cut from it.

The client continues to get great services and products from you, your partner is selling more juice and you get a few extra bucks in your pocket. This is a win-win for everyone.

Second, the agreement with your partner goes both ways. You are working hard to make sure that your clients know about your partner’s great juice and in return, he or she is working hard to ensure that her clients know about your yoga studio.

This is good business. Everyone is benefiting and no one is being taken advantage of.

*Note* – be sure that you know and trust the people that you get into business with. Not everyone will have the same morals, integrity and work ethic as you. You are the company you keep!

3 – Get On SnapChat!

I promise you that if you aren’t using their platform you will regret it in the end.

SnapChat is the fastest growing social network in the world. The growth is amazing and on top of that, the team at SnapChat continues to improve their platform. Just recently, they released a new “memories” feature.

Now I will admit, SnapChat isn’t for everyone, but it is without a doubt a platform that yoga teachers need to get into.

The age demographic for SnapChat is loaded with millennials. That age group loves yoga, meditation, and organic products. With that being said, the user base for SnapChat is expanding every day.

I recommend staying active on Instagram and Facebook as well, but I recommend even more to use those platforms to grow your SnapChat audience.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the Instagram account of Rachel Brathen. She has been using Instagram to grow her audience and continues to periodically post on her huge Instagram following to promote her SnapChat handle.

Rachel travels the world doing private yoga sessions to classes of hundreds. She has a great business model, is providing value with her content and is enjoying the fruits of her labor. I highly recommend using Rachel as an example to reference.

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Details

As I referenced earlier, the most important action is to simply get started. Don’t worry too much about how polished your content is. The hardest part is getting started.

As long as you continue to improve upon your content, your audience will continue to grow and you will get better at creating professional content. Even if that never happens, the value you will bring through your videos will certainly help grow your business.

One Last Thing!

Be sure to use a call to action in your videos. Make sure you take a minute to plug your business or phone number. The videos themselves are great, but you need to take advantage of the attention that your content is getting.

Always make sure to incentivise your readers or watchers to take action. No need to push it too hard, many times people will watch your videos or see your snap for weeks or even months before they call or hire you. That is okay.

It is a marathon. It is not a race.

Namaste Hustlin!

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