How to Put Captions In Your Facebook Videos

Monday, August 15, 2016 | By Tim Stoddart

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Hey. What’s up everybody? My name is Tim Stoddart from Today we’re going to do a real quick tutorial, on how to upload captions on your Facebook videos.

Most people don’t actually listen to the sound when they’re watching a Facebook video. Maybe you’re in a public place, maybe you’re on a bus going to work with other people around you. But there is always that one person that plays a really loud Facebook video when you’re in a public place.

Okay, so this is just one method to do it. There are other, more creative ways if you have some skill in video editing. I’m not the best editor and this is going to be the most efficient way to do it and this is going to work just fine for whatever it is that you need to upload.

So the first step is going to be to get your video onto YouTube. This is a small YouTube account that we manage. If you go to “my channel,” and you see the videos, this one right here… it’s a real estate property.

So the next step, now that you have the video, is going to be to click on the “subtitles and closed captions” button. Once you do that, YouTube is going to give you an automatic caption, but it’s usually not good. The timing is usually off, there’s no capitalizations after periods. So you’re going to want to put it in there yourself. To do that, you click “add new subtitles.” It’s going to ask you the language, we’re going to click English. Create new subtitles and then finally, this is a cool little trick. You want to click this button right here. “Transcribe and set timings.” This is going to allow you to just type as they talk in the video. If not then you have to do the timing yourself. That’s really really annoying so make sure you click on this link.

So when you’re finished, this is what you’re going to have. This is the finished product. So I’ve already gone through and I’ve done this one. So we have the timings set, we have the captions set, and we have the video. So I’ve downloaded the video and I’m ready to upload it onto Facebook.

So just like you’re uploading a photo or any other video, you click right here. Upload video, here it is. So we’ve uploaded our video onto Facebook. We’re going to click this button right here, “captions” and in order to put captions on Facebook, you need to have it in an .srt file format. So to get that file, you go back to YouTube. Actions, download in srt right here.

Now this part can be kind of tricky because Facebook wants the file to be a very specific name. So here’s our .srt file. You want to change the file name. We can open the file and hit publish.

So here is our published video. You can see that if you click the sound, you have the sound and the captions go away. But let’s just assume you’re watching on a mobile device and you’re in a public place. Now you have the captions there as well.

This is a really really important tactic for videos because if you have the captions on video for social, your share and your reach is going to be a lot bigger. I’m talking probably like twice as big as it would without the captions.

If you have any more questions, please email me. It’s Once again we’re Stodzy Media. Thank you so much for watching.

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