Snapchat Releases New Memories Feature

Friday, July 8, 2016 | By Tim Stoddart

snapchat memories

snapchat memories

I have to give it to them. Snapchat knows what they are doing.

I don’t remember ever seeing a social network that has been so proactive in listening to their audience and adjusting their product to fit the current market.

Snapchat has always been lightly criticized for the “disappearing act” of its content. As many of you already know, Snaps only last for 10 seconds (or however long the picture or video is set for) and then it disappears.

If you send a snap directly to another friend, they only have the ability to see it one time. However, Snapchat released its new stories update that allowed you to run a continuous role of snaps. Even those snaps only stayed active on your story for 24 hours.

The way snaps disappear has certainly given Snapchat Snapchat its uniqueness, but it also limited Snapchat in a way that gave people something to complain about. Well not anymore.

What are Memories?

Memories is a new way for you to save stories and snaps and store them for later use. There was always the option to save the snap to your phone, but now memories allows you to store and organize them into albums to view later.

Your memories are searchable through keywords. So you can spend less time searching and more time enjoying the memories.

You also have the ability to combine different stories and snaps into new memories. Now you can organize your daughter’s graduation, the party afterwards, the road trip to college and even the goodbye hugs into one beautiful memory. Time is no longer a limitation on Snapchat.

Snapchat is making moves. I’m excited.

There is also a new way to send snap and memories to your friends or even post them to your story. Instead of your stories disappearing after 24 hours, you can now relocate them to add to your memories. These “lost” stories will appear with a frame around them.

Extra Privacy Included

Imagine you and your girlfriend are on vacation. Maybe you caught of a snap of a romantic moment or walking around on the beach with bathing suits. There may be a couple of snaps that you don’t want to show your parents or friends. That’s okay!

Memories has a new “for my eyes only” feature to prevent you sharing snaps to family and friends that were meant to keep to yourselves. Great forward thinking!

Snapchat will be rolling out the memories feature over the next month or so. This is a huge change for the application so it’s important that the roll out runs smoothly.

If you weren’t already creating content on Snapchat, you damn well better be.

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